NCC Lexicon of Spin

Amateurs of Spin: An NCC Lexicon

The NCC has always been concerned first and foremost with appearances -- hence their tendency to always put the best possible face on whatever nutty scheme they're working on. Here, then, is a lexicon of the NCC's most hilarious euphemisms, obfuscation, and malapropisms.

Acquisition (as in "acquired the LeBreton Flats") source


Adventure of building the Capital source

We've got a $90 million budget, we're not accountable to anybody, and a boatload of plans. It's like some beautiful dream.

Building dispersal programme source

Moving Federal Government offices to office parks in the suburbs for reasons unknown.

Building the Capital on behalf of Canadians

Place flagpoles with provincial and territorial flags in several prominent locations.

Capital for all Canadians

We spend federal tax dollars, ergo, what we do is for all canadians.

Commercial and institutional uses in a green, open setting, and "rural landscape." source

Business park. Includes plenty of free parking.

Confederation Boulevard source

See Landscaped Boulevard, but more expensive.

Create a direct connection to Gatineau Park / Connect to Gatineau Park source

Build the McConnell-Laramee expressway right through the heart of Gatineau Park.

Ensuring that land in the Capital is available for uses of national importance

Expropriation and demolition.

Environmental STEWARDSHIP source

Look after land of national significance until someone comes up with a better use for it (see Opening a gateway to Gatineau park).


Future site of another offence against good taste.

Integrate Gatineau Park into the overall Capital experience 2000-2001 Annual Report p.42

See Create a direct connection to Gatineau Park.

Improve Access source

Build a road. If there's aleady a road, widen it.

Landscaped boulevard source

Any six lane highway through the centre of town. Heavy trucks welcome. See also Confederation Boulevard.

Living neighbourhoods 2006-07 Annual Report p.8

Any neighbourhood that the NCC isn't actually in charge of.

National interest land mass (NILM) source

Anything that interests the NCC. Like the weather, can change at a moment's notice.

Open a gateway to Gatineau Park source

See Create a direct connection to Gatineau Park.

Opening up Parliament Hill

A scheme that involves demolishing entire square blocks of downtown Ottawa. It started with a plan to demolish 17 blocks along Metcalfe Street and lives on as a plan to only demolish a couple of blocks along Sparks Street.

Oversee continuous reinvestment into the physical fabric of the Capital Region through rehabilitation and other land- and building-related projects to maintain and enhance the national character and significance of the Capital Region source

This is just fluff - you can ignore it.

Public consultation

Good one!

Sussex-MacKenzie site source

The Daly site.