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The FUTURE as seen from the past

Partial Decentralization

Here the NCC actually brags about the development of Confederation Heights -- "large functional office buildings" fronted by big, empty squares with "pulsating fountains" on the edge of town (with ample parking). Here they call it a "building dispersal programme" implemented to "avoid concentration of Federal Government buildings in the heart of the capital" -- what, they were going to start a riot? The result was bland office "parks" like Tunney's Pasture and Confederation Heights built on the edge of town in a vast ocean of parking. Suburbanization was taking place all over North America, but only in Ottawa was it managed by a Federal Government Crown corporation.

Well, the pulsating fountains are long gone, as is the Sir Alexander Campbell Building, replaced by an office tower of even less distinction.

Oddly enough, the NCC didn't disperse itself to the suburbs: their headquarters remain comfortably in the heart of Ottawa.

Forgotten Ottawa: Sir Alexander Campbell Building [23 September 2012]

Partial Decentralization

Gatineau Park

The jewel in the NCC's crown, a 75,000 acre wilderness area. But not to worry, what with the roads they're building through it, it won't be for long. And guess what: they're still building 'em today, including the McConnell-Laramee freeway (which the NCC euphemistically describes as a "gateway" to the park) and a new access road to the Mackenzie King Estate.

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