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The FUTURE as seen from the past

Partial Decentralization

Here the NCC actually brags about the development of Confederation Heights -- office blocks fronted by big, empty squares with "pulsating fountains" on the edge of town (with ample parking!). Here they call it a "building dispersal programme" implemented to "avoid concentration of Federal Government buildings in the heart of the capital" -- what, they were going to start a riot? The result was bland office "parks" like Tunney's Pasture and Confederation Heights built on the edge of town in a vast ocean of parking. Suburbanization was taking place all over North America, but only in Ottawa was it managed by a Federal Government Crown corporation.

Oddly enough, the NCC didn't disperse itself to the suburbs: their headquarters remain comfortably in the heart of Ottawa.

Partial Decentralization

Gatineau Park

The jewel in the NCC's crown, a 75,000 acre wilderness area. But not to worry, what with the roads they're building through it, it won't be for long. And guess what: they're still building 'em today, including the McConnell-Laramee freeway (which the NCC euphemistically describes as a "gateway" to the park) and a new access road to the Mackenzie King Estate.

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