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The FUTURE as seen from the past

The following pages of NCC propaganda are excerpted from the Official Ottawa Tourist Guide 1963-64. The overall impression is that Ottawa was, as now, seen by the mandarins at the NCC as a tabala rasa, ready to fill with their grandest imaginings.

Manifesto Multilinko: The Sky Gods Are Puzzled [6 February 2012]

Ottawa of the FUTURE

Check out this model of Ottawa of the future - a veritable playground of brutalist concrete architecture. Note how both Union Station and the Daly Building were slated for destruction, replaced by a convention centre (plus ca change...). Enjoy the "tower-type" office buildings - the very latest thing, we're told!

Ottawa of the Future

While little of this horror came to fruition, what Ottawa ended up with (Rideau Centre, Congress Centre, Westin Hotel, NAC, and the truly abysmal Department of National Defense) isn't much better.