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A Note on Broken Links

NCC Watch includes links to news items from a variety of news providers. Often, the links expire over time, or are moved. You may have noticed that links to various newspages may not work.

Citizen articles are valid for 30 days from the time of posting, and a proportion are behind a subscription wall. However, if you are a member of the Ottawa Public Library, you can still read these articles online via the online Canadian Newsdisc. Simply enter your library card number and perform a quick search.

Other news providers, along with the NCC itself, occasionally reorganize their websites according to a logic known only to themselves.

In short, your mileage may vary.

Who is NCC Watch?

Weary of the NCC's outrageous lack of progress in developing the LeBreton Flats, outraged by their ludicrous plans for Metcalfe street, frustrated at their utter lack of accountability, dumfounded by their breathtaking arrogance, and amused by their general humorlessness, we started NCC Watch to provide a clearinghouse for information regarding the NCC, both to inform others and shame the NCC.

NCC Watch intends to highlight the NCC's frequent missteps and expose its past blunders in the hopes that one day, it will consign itself to oblivion.

Dwight Hodge

Ian Hodge, Scott E. Toelly

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